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i'll write in here later <3

do this later <3

do it later <3


i'll do more links later <3

do this later <3

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alright. so today i went to hebrew school
&&& then i had a soccer game at 12:o0 <33
of course, we kicked ass. i played really
bad though :( so i have nothing else tooo
write about. i'm really hungry.but i dont
feel like getting any food. because i'mmm
wierd like that , mannnnn. __i don't even
know why i'm writing in this becaussee no
one EVER reads this. so i think i mighhtt
stop writing in this. we'll see how it
goes <3 peace out, losers.
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yeahh.. [19.09.05]

umm yeah.. i guess comment if

you want to be  added because

i might start to use this thing  ...


comment , losers <3Collapse )

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[ mood | cold ]


everyone please join my community x_l_a_y_o_u_t_z


oh, and thanks to someone who told me that i should do this..i am going to be posting links to cool sites in my livejournal to make it more interesting <3



comment <3

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IMPORTANT POST. [31.05.05]
[ mood | =/ ]

okay, so everyone better take the time to read this.

i have deleted ALL of my friends.

i did that because NO ONE was commenting.

so to be added back to my friends list comment here 30 times..

in each post just say -->add me please, i promise i will add you back and comment.

so do that.

but before you make your 30 comments, add me first.

so that's basicly it.

yeahh, holla♥ --*>

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I know this is a long post but please read it all..it is important<3 [21.05.05]
[ mood | jealous ]

wow i haven't updated in a while. well today was a <b>GREAT</b> day.

lets start out with yesterday, though.

school was alright, i guess.

after school i had an ice cream partizzle(party) for dance. it was cool. sylvie and kayley were there so it was the shizzle..

then my mattharrr(mom) drove me and sylvie to the canteen. everyone else(most people) were wearing like skirts(or just like a dressy shirt or something) and then me and sylvie showed up and we were wearing sweat pants && a tanktop since we had just came from dance. but oh well, it was fun anyway.

we were break dancing..ttyeah(haha em and jackie..i stole your word!) it was the shizzle.(just tell me if i am saying that word too much and i will stop! teehee)


well then sylvie came over and she sleepttttt overrr.. we had a night stashh..phh, we aren't pigs..what are you talking about!? haha. yeah right.

now onto today....


sylvie left about 10:30..then i had to go to stoooopidddd junior congrigation. whatever, it is only an hour of hell..it can't be THATTTT bad.

thennnn, my mattharrr picked me up and we went to wal*mart to see if they got the trampoline in yet and it turns out they.. DUN DUN DUN

scroll down.





















so yeah, it was gooooddd. we got it then we went to mc*donalds.


alright, then i had a finale rehersal for dance. omfg it was the best. when the other people were going we were playing telephone..ttyeah we were.

SWALLOW ME AND SPIT ME OUT 987654321..haha it just kept going and going.


so yeahh, then we came back hurrrrr. anddddddddddddddddddd(DUN DUN DUN)

click hurrrr to find out what happened, yo <3Collapse )


ummm yeahhhhh..


instead of the fifty comment thingy i think i am gonna do

THISCollapse )

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[ mood | hottizzle,3 ]

yeahhhhhhhhhh, okayyyyyyyy..

i did like that 50 commment thingy but that didn't work because i only got like 20 comments..=/ so yeahhh..but i said that i would delete my journal if i didn't get 50 comments but i didn't get 50 comments and my journal is still hizzere[[my new izze language..i might say some stuff in izze language so beware!]].the reason for that is because i love my journal sooo freakin much i can't get rid of it..haha <3 soo yeahhhh..

yeahh, umm tuesday was my bizzirthday! WIZZOOT WIZZOOT!

so yeahhh..

but whateverrrrrrrr..

not gonna talk anymore about the week because it was horrible :-(

so anywhoo...

i'm really bored SOOOOO

i am gonna be taking layout requests..i know this is like MY personal journal but oh well..FIVE layout request..maybe i will do more, depending on if you ask nicely or not..

soo , start requesting♥

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[ mood | =[ ]

i know i always say this and it never happends but this time it is for real. i want 50 comments. FIFTY comments..but there are some rules..

rules under cut..<3Collapse )

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i'm at laurens house right now and em is hurr <3 me and em are being constipated ducks..lol.

em is singing put the lime in the cocnut.
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[ mood | <333 ]

geez luis[[sp]] ..i havn't writtin in this for forever <33 well...


today starts the vacation..<3

i'll tell you my plans for the vacation..


Tonight[[Thursday]] i'm going to go to laurens house for a sleepover with em <3 it's gonna be off the heazayyyfosheazzayyy and yes lauren, i will try to find the necklace. lol. wellll...



on Friday[[Tomorrow]] i might hang out with choless [[nikki]] and nezzy[[lisa]]..maybe go to the mall...see a movie? i dk..


Saturday[[The day after Tomorrow..haha thats a movie <3]]:

On saturday i am going to go into the city at like 5:o0 ish because it is my uncles birthday so i'm going to my grandmas house in the city and she is gonna make a "special meal" ooo-la-la! i wonder what that will be? it better be something special since i am missing a sleepover that my friends are having..=/ well, at least i can hang out with my cousins..


Sunday[[Two days after tomorrow.haha this is fun]]:

On sunday i am going to have a sleepover with choco[[lizzie]] choless[[nikki]] and nezzy[[lisa]]..i think it's gonna be at my hizzhouse but i'm not sureeeee <3 choco, cholesss, and nezzy..call me<3 umm yeahhhh..


Monday[[Three days after tomorrow...wowowowowow this is REALLY fun..hehehehee]]:

On monday i have nothing to do..how exciting! soo yeahhhhh..if you wanna do something on Monday, call my cellular[[5121611]] or my hizzhouse[[9626630]]


oh yeah..and i am doing a MAJOR friends cut.. more than half the people that are on my friends list barely comment..


sooo here is what you have to do to stay or be added to my friends list..

in a comment on this entry put..

1) your name..

2)why i should add you..

3)three people that you promoted x_l_a_y_o_u_t_z to[[include links]]..

4)join x_l_a_y_o_u_t_z ..

5)add me back..


so, start commenting!

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[ mood | <333 ]

okay..i haven't written in my livejournal for a while because i haven't been home. here was my past few days:

friday:ehhh, i guess school was iight. after school me and lisa went to choleys house..lizzie came too but she didn't come over on the bus cuz she had this meeting thing. umm..we went to the mall, shopped a bit..then went to see Man of The House. it was fun..it was scary even though i already saw it..lizzie almost lost her cellular..UH-OH! she was freaking out, i thought it was pretty funny..=].yeahh..soo then me,lisa, and lizzie went back to choleys house to sleeeeppoovverrrrrr <3333 it was fun..until cory called and told us that she was leaving in ONE WEEK..we all started histerricly crying..that part of the sleepover wasn't very fun..you should've seen us..we were like crying to death while we were talking to cory and she is all happy that she is moving back to washington [[she doesn't care about us..=/]] ..well i'm sure she does it is just that she misses all her friends back in washington...but, after we forget about that we had fun..except choley went to bed at 11:o0 cuz she had a b-ball game saturday[today] and she couldn't be tired for it..soo me lisa and lizzie stayed up till like 3:o0 ish which isn't that bad..but we were sooooo frikkin bored cuz there is like NOTHING to do at her frikkin house..but then we just went to sleep cuz we were soo frikkin bored[haha i use the word frikkin a lot]]..


then in the morning i went home with lisa and stayed at her house until 5:o0 ish..went to the mall and stuff..got uggs[[fake ones]], got a couple of duhvaduhs[[dvds..haha i call them duhvaduhs]]..




soo i was just watching A Cinderella Story..ahhhh, it sounded like a really gay movie but it was SO  FRIKKIN SAD..i think i might go watch it again?? haha , yes i know..i sound like a freak..but whateverrrr..or i might watch Bruce Almighty or MeanGirls or 13 going on 30..but yeahh.. i am wearing my fake uggs right now..yepp..wait, if they are FAKE then they aren't uggs, but oh well..i will just call them fake uggs..yeahhhhhhhh<333333


omg my tooth hurts soo frikkin much..ahhhhhh!!!!!!! i think i have a cavity..yeahhhhhhhh..well i think i am going to go watch a duhvaduh..call the cellular if you wanna just talk or if you wanna make plans to hang out tomorrow. i have absolutely NOTHING to do tomorrow so just hit up the cellular <333


hochman OUT!<-lol lisa.

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[ mood | ]

alright..well i haven't updated in this for a longgg time because i didn't really have the time..i got a new layout <3

today i really thought we would've had no school, or at least a two hour delay, but nope. NOTHING.

so i woke up..went online to see if we had no school or a two hour delay and it said we had a two hour delay[[this was about 6:45]]and then i checked again just to make sure and it said we had school? it made no sense but whatever..

today was pajama day in school so i wore my pink pj's and my yorktown sweatshirt cuz i was frrrreeezzziiinnnggg..okay yeahh..

so today wasn't that bad..i guess..

english..ehh, all we did was watch a movie that i never heard of. it was a stupid disney movie so i just decided to pass notes to cory and lisa..that worked :).

band-umm, ms. flynn was out so we had MR.HAHNN..oh geezzz..he is my worst nightmare<-lol em. but seriously, he was singing and dancing, oh god..not pleasant at all.

social studies-watched the same movie again..passed notes again..same thing.

core-uhh..went to the library and did nothing??

lunch-cleo refused to give me my money back that she stole from me..grrr.

keyboarding-took a test, got up to lesson N.

science-watched a science movie..took ten notes on it.

math-did some math worksheets..i really dont get multiplying mixed numbers at all..=/

yeah, so that was my day..so me and em were just on the phone talking about how me might do something tomorrow..but we wanted to go iceskating and then have a sleepover but then i said "we can go iceskating but i can't have the sleepover at my house" and then em said "well i can't have it at my house either..what are we gonna do!?" and i was like "sleep on the street?!" haha..yeahh, so we might just go iceskating and not have a sleepover?? i dont know..but whatever..

i'm very curious how many people read my livejournal..soo, here's the deal..

you only can comment ONCE..
and in your comment just put "♥" ..thats all you have to put.
and i am gonna check how many comments i have by tomorrow night..
if i have 15//or more then i will keep posting..BUT, if i have less than 15..
IM DELETING MY LIVEJOURNAL..cuz there isn't a point of having a livejournal if no one reads it? it's just like i'm writing to myself..soo, COMMENT.

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[ mood | nerdyy.. ]

two words:


the numero is 5121611..call if you wanna.

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[ mood | <-sexyy.. ]

alright..i haven't been online in a while because i have been pretty busy. well here was my weekend//short vacation..

friday-on friday lisa, cory, lizzie, and abby came over..it was fun..then we ate dinner and lizzie and abby left and cory and lisa slept over..it was fun besides the fact that lisa kept spraying the glade air freshiner thing on my face..? haha she thought it made the room smell better after eating grapefruits at 3:o0 in the morning but it actually made it smell worse..oh well.it was fun.

saturday-went into the city to visit my grandma..saw the "gates"..it was sooooo boring..i mean really, why do they even bother calling it the gates? it is just a piece of freakin fabric on two freakin poles..big woop, i can do that with my eyes closed..so yeah, BORING.

sunday-FUN day!! came back from the city..lauren and cleo came over and we went to sport time, then went out to fridays..then came back to my house for a sleepover..it was soo much fun...lauren and cleo stayed up until 4:o0 in the morning but then i wasn't very tired so i stayed up and watched endurance and THE YELLOW TEAM GOT OUT! i was about to kill myself when that happened..but yeah..we played monopoly, made up a dance to yeah..it was fun.

monday-okay..well cleo and lauren JUST left and now IM GOING TO GET MY CELL PHONE! WOOT WOOT! well, i have to go now..ill update later on how sexy my cell is..;-).


later ;-).

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[ mood | borrinnggg.. ]

new layout.


comment NOW.


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[ mood | depressed ]

valentines day S U C K S when you dont have a valentine </3


i love this one person but he will  N E V E R  love me so i might as well just stop thinking about it. no one would ever want an ugly, fat, retard like me </3

still broken hearted  </3

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